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Congratulations to Aaron Pottichen for winning our silly contest and big thanks to Alex Assaley for participating also. You guys really made this a lot of fun!

For those that didn't see this all go down, here is the backstory. While in Vegas for the 2018 Excel 401k Conference, we did an interview with Alex Assaley. During this interview we uncovered a fun rivalry between himself and Aaron Pottichen; for who would win the the 2018 TAPO Award (Alex went home with the acrylic). That being settled, these two fierce competitors were looking for the next fight. So, after a couple free cocktails, we came up with the idea that we'd release their videos at the same time and open it up to voting who had the better video.

Early results of voting had Alex leading, but then we threw a curve ball at them, where each like on Youtube was worth 25points. Aaron reached out to his social network and they showed up big, as he got numbers that would be respectable for a cute cat video.


The social media trash talking was fantastic, and I think we all learned not to get into a social media battle with Aaron Pottichen.


Maybe most insane, is that 401k Specialist Magazine actually covered it on their website.


Aaron's video:

Alex's Video:


Here are some of the images we used on social media to call some attention the #AdvisorBrawl

We look forward to the rematch!


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