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  • Wire into your router whenever possible and limit household use of internet during recording. Somebody watching a Netflix stream in another room will likely cause your feed to get choppy & freeze periodically.

  • If using a built in laptop microphone, try to stay within 2 feet from the computer. Any further away and your audio will suffer exponentially.

  • When tolerable turn off any fans or AC units in the room. 

  • Mute your cell phone or other devices that create notification sounds.

  • Stable desk. A very slight shaking of a camera can be dramatic to the video.

  • Use light coming from in front of you, not from behind you. A bright window behind you, will make your face dark & featureless.

  • Camera at eye level.  If you have a laptop, prop it up on books.

  • Don't sit too far away from your camera. You want to be centered like a passport photo.

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